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"Culture EATS strategy for breakfast!!"

You've tried everything to retain your top talent and help develop their careers, but they keep leaving! Productivity is down. Turnover is up! Employee engagement and morale are low. You're losing money, clients and customers and your employees aren't happy. 

What are you doing wrong and how can you fix it QUICK?

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Organizational & Corporate Consulting

As an Organizational Development Strategist, Dr. Tana knows how to assess and create company cultures to help improve the employee experience. Her expertise includes Senior-level HR Leadership, Inclusion & Diversity, Strategic Planning, and Leadership Development. She has managed HR Operations teams across 3 continents and served as the strategic business partner for executives in multiple industries. Dr. Tana has partnered with start-ups and fast-growth companies as well as McDonald's, Ernst & Young, Xerox, American Express, NASA, the Federal Executive Board of Greater LA, Creed, and many other multi-national for-profit & not for profit organizations and government agencies. 

Executive-Level Performance Coach

We have all experienced failures in our relationships, career and business. The key to success is using those adversities as FUEL and not EXCUSES to propel you through life. Commit to being in action until your idea of success manifests in your life. What do you want your legacy to be? 

Dr. Tana's unique skill is making people MORE of who they already ARE! What sets her apart from all the other executive-level performance coaches? She's MORE than just a coach. She's your partner who is truly committed to your success and won't leave you until our work together is done. 

Why fit in when you were meant to stand out?!


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