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Below are Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging topics available for on-demand training. Live facilitated training with an open Q&A forum is available upon request. Please contact us to order in bulk for your organization.

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Regardless of our ethnicity, gender, nationality or social economic background, and regardless of how open-minded you may think you arewe are ALL guilty of unconscious bias. We can’t address it if we don’t know what it is or how it shows up in our decision-making. 


$74.99 per user

In order to truly foster an inclusive culture where all employees feel a sense of belonging, it is important to become comfortable having uncomfortable conversations, and learning how to shift how we engage and communicate with each other in our daily lives.


$74.99 per user

For the first time in the history of the American workforce, up to five (5) generations now currently work together. This training session will review differences, likes and myths associated with each generation in the workforce, as well as strategies to help create an inclusive and cohesive team environment. 


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You've tried everything to retain your top talent and help develop their careers, but they keep leaving! Productivity is down. Turnover is up! Employee engagement and morale are low. You're losing money, clients and customers and your employees aren't happy. 

What are you doing wrong and how can you fix it QUICK?

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Despite our best efforts, bias is a contributing factor in our decision-making. Unconscious bias is even more precarious, as we are often unaware that it's a factor in our decisions. In this course, Dr. Tana M. Session walks you through how to define a number of unconscious biases, as well as how the biases can impact your decision-making and how you can combat them when recruiting and hiring qualified candidates.