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Working While Black: A Woman's Guide To Stop Being the Best Kept Secret


Black women are the highest educated group of employees in the workforce, but continue to earn $.67 for every dollar a white man earns and none hold the coveted position of CEO on the Fortune 500 list. If they are doing all of the right things based on what they are told is required to earn career success, why are they being left behind? This is also why Black women are the largest and fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. They are opting out of a system that was not built for them to succeed. The candid stories of Black women in this book from multiple backgrounds and industries gives a behind the curtain view of what happens to black women along their corporate career track.

By sharing strategies for what it takes to Stop Being the Best Kept Secret(R) under the prescriptive captions of Own Your Power, Own Your Truth, Own Your Healing, Own Your Worth and Own Your Destiny, readers will gain innovative tools to help avoid corporate landmines, while gaining sponsors and allies along the way. This is my story, and when I was experiencing these landmines, I felt like I was the only one and I felt very alone. I only shared my experiences with close friends and family but returned to the office each day with a smile on my face. I knew I had to write this book when I became a performance coach for Black women and learned their stories were my stories.

Fortunately, I was able to convince other influential and successful women to do the same, including Swati Mandela, the granddaughter of Winnie & Nelson Mandela. These phenomenal Black women trust me with telling their stories for others to learn from as they grow in their careers and businesses.

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Get Your Career Life in Order, #1 Best-seller is a self-help playbook full of Human Resources tips, tricks, worksheets and templates designed to help readers navigate the job market and manage their careers within their organizations. Useful networking and personal branding tips for entrepreneurs, too!

As seen on Judge Judy (Sept. 15, 2017)

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The Little Book of Motivation & Inspiration - Volume 1 is a compilation of Tana's most popular motivational and inspirational quotes. Readers should use this book as a personal journal by writing down how they will implement each quote into their personal and professional lives.

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Inside the Revolving Door: Chronicles From the Human Resources Department takes you into a fictional world of short stories told through the lens of HR leaders as they manage employees and company leaders, while trying to maintain their own sanity. Have you ever wondered what REALLY happens in the Human Resources department? 

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3-Book Combo Deal

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