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What is Unconscious & Implicit Bias? We can’t address it if we don’t know what it is or how it shows up in our decision-making. Regardless of our ethnicity, gender, nationality or social economic background, and regardless of how open-minded you may think you are; we are ALL guilty of unconscious bias. Through candid conversations, open dialogue, and real-world examples, this session will uncover the shocking truth of how Unconscious & Implicit Bias shows up in our daily decision-making and how it can impact the workplace, employees and overall productivity.





We are hearing the term “Microaggressions” more often than ever before. Employees are confused about what they can and can’t say or ask their co-workers. In order to truly foster an inclusive culture where all employees feel a sense of belonging, it is important to become comfortable having uncomfortable conversations, and learning how to shift how we engage and communicate with each other in our daily lives.





For the first time in the history of the American workforce, up to five (5) generations now currently work together. These include Traditionalists (born 1900–1945); Baby Boomers (born 1946–1964); Generation X (born 1965–1979); Millennials, or Generation Y (born 1980–1994); and Generation Z (born 1995+). This training session will review differences, likes and myths associated with each generation in the workforce, as well as strategies to help create an inclusive and cohesive team environment.



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You've tried everything to retain your top talent and help develop their careers, but they keep leaving! Productivity is down. Turnover is up! Employee engagement and morale are low. You're losing money, clients and customers and your employees aren't happy. 

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"The National Black Employees Association, an internal caucus group within the Xerox Corporation, has worked with Tana M. Session, for the past three years. Her training programs were assessed as being current, forward-thinking, valuable and applicable to advance personal and professional growth. Tana is a consummate professional, she extends herself as a resource beyond the training sessions to anyone who wanted additional insight on the webinar material, taking her services to a higher level."

The National Black Employees Association, Xerox Corporation

"Dr. Session was open about the fact that we ALL make mistakes and she focused on Grace and doing better moving forward. I found the session very welcoming and encouraging to folks wherever they might be on their personal D&I journey. Great info and made me think differently about how I present myself to someone I don't know very well. Her in-depth discussion around microaggressions, what it really means to be an ally, and sharing of her own struggles and experiences. Dr. Session provided insights that I had not previously considered. I have never felt more inspired or empowered to take action as an ally!"

Lands' End

"I was planning a retreat for a group of 30 McDonald's franchise managers, which we previously had never hosted. So, I was not able to give Tana much information other than they are a group of very seasoned managers who are looking for fresh and new ideas in a broad range of topics. That was all Tana needed to put together a training session that was interesting, engaging, informative and tailored to the needs of the managers. Every single manager praised Tana for her outstanding presentation and being able to make them laugh, self-reflect and learn...all within a matter of hours."

Kerri-Harper Howie
Owner, McDonald's WEH Enterprises

“We were fortunate to have Dr. Session as the first speaker sponsored by our DEI Council. More than half the firm attended the presentation and it was overwhelmingly positively received. Dr. Session was wonderful to work with, incorporating our feedback but also providing expert recommendations regarding content and style. The whole firm learned about what diversity, equity and inclusion actually mean beyond just the surface buzzwords we hear all the time now and why it’s so important to us as a company, setting the perfect tone for future initiatives.”

Rebecca Abraham
Vice President, Human Resources, Aristotle Capital Management

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